Data collection

Whitworth Tool has a broad range of data collection capabilities. As technology has evolved, so has our data collection capabilities. We still utilize our original 2d continuous digitizing capabilities for small jobs in house. What now sets us apart is our portable data collection capabilities. With a fleet of state of the art Romer arms, we can now collect data in house or at your facility. These arms have both hard probe and laser scanning capabilities. This allows us to combine 2 dimensional features and 3 dimensional laser scan into a seamless 3d solid model. With up to 8 meters of total measuring volume, size is not a problem. The portability allows us to travel virtually anywhere in the world and complete complex data collection onsight.  This removes time constraints of a tool being out of production for an extended period and maximizes our time to focus on data collection.  From individual die components, to complete tools and fixtures, we truly are your one stop shop for data collection.